Sunday, March 2, 2014

2014 South Pacific Cruise- More Tahiti

 Just something to look at on a cloudy, rainy Sunday morning here in Hooterville-on-Red.

CruiseGran and I took a half-day tour around the island.  It seemed like an full-day tour, as the tourguide got a little carried away, and we ended up back at the hotel 90 minutes late (I pity the couple who had a plane to catch!), but, in the end, it was worth it to see the sunset on the beach.  I love the couple swimming and the boy fishing.... and the sunsets......

Some of these have my particular "eye" (as Jan-Olav would call it) about them.  Working on them, I've realized how much I've missed photography.....  So they are dedicated to YOU, Captain!!


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