Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Alix's Demoiselle Ball

Well howdy! I know it's been a while… But I've been off on a trip with Jane a.k.a. CruiseGran. I have lots of wonderful pictures to share of the South Pacific, but first I wanted to share pictures from the end of December.

As you may know, Alix spent part of this past summer doing the "debutante" thing. She had a lot of fun, made a lot of friends, and thoroughly enjoyed her summer spent in Shreveport. 

I finally neatened up the pictures from the ball in December and I thought I'd share them with you.


Here's a look at the girls this summer.

 Alix making her entrance into society (gigglesnort)  with the help of her uncle Ed.
(Yes, her hair color changes almost as often as her major.  She's back to brunette.)

Although I know Uncle Ed was not real thrilled with the idea of doing this,  he pulled it out with great aplomb.

 We applauded mightily when she walked by our table for the first time.

Relieved to let Austin take over.

 I keep wanting to sing a Patty Duke Show-esque theme song..."They're Cousins...(almost) Identical Cousins......."

 I'm so glad Eliot was able to be here for Alix's big night.  I love this pic of them.

 What lovely ladies!

 Love this pic!

The whole gang's here! Yes that's even (most of) the California crowd!   It was really sweet of them to come all that way for Alix's special evening.  

My baby girl.  All grown up.  I think I'm justified in saying what a beautiful lady she has become. 


And the best thing of all-she's even lovelier on the inside.

I am so proud to be her mother. 


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, Alix is one beautiful lady, inside and out. Congratulations !!

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