Thursday, January 9, 2014

Summer Family Cruise Pics--Professional

Don't get used to it.

I know, I know- 2 posts in 2 days?


I normally would play catch-up chronologically, but since The-Nicest-Girl-I-Didn't-Give-Birth-To™ requested, I will endeavor to post the Summer Family Cruise photos first ...beginning with the ones taken by the amazing Crystal Photographers from Paragon Pixels.

(and yes, I bought the rights to publish them....if you know me, you know I try my best to respect copyrights.......)

Soooooooooooooooo, just for you, Mrs. Pryor!!!!

Looks like a formal night to me.

My gang with nephew Austin and my cousin Merrill (Bob) and his wife Andi.

The newlyweds.

I love how the wineglasses make a halo around AJ's head.  So appropriate.  The observant of you will notice that Anna-Grace is wearing the bridesmaid's dress from HER OWN WEDDING.  She borrowed it from her bestie.

When one goes to Nordkapp, Norway,  a photo with reindeer and Sami is obligatory (I think it's the same reindeer.....)

(no, those aren't artifacts in the photo...or snowflakes.  It was raining just a bit....)

The fam at Nordkapp, minus Hutch and Will, who were off exploring.

Cousin Merrill (Bob) isn't doing a reindeer impersonation, he's supposed to be holding up the world.


Vintage Room Dinner.  Arranged by the Best Sommelier in the World (family award), Crystal Serenity's Head Sommelier-- and my friend-- Bart DuFour.

If you've forgotten the cast o' characters, it's seated, left to right: Cousin Suzanne, Me, Mama/Gran/Jane,  sis-in-law Julie, Anna-Grace, cousin Ashley, and Alix.  Standing, left to right: Suzanne's husband Bill, nephew Austin, brother Will, brother Ed, cousin Merrill(Bob), AJ and Ashley's husband Buzz.

Finally a photo of me I'm happy to post.

With my beautiful niece, Emerson.

Dinnertime!  ( I love the background lady on the left!!)

Those two in gold are Julia (who actually runs the ship...go figure) and Mary Cecile (who is the family athlete.  She inherited her mama's tennis prowess). Yep, you've seen them before, but they grow up so fast.

Formal Family Photo.

Note that everyone got the black, white, and blue/green memo.

We visited with Captain Vorland.

And I have a happy formal portrait of "my three".

And because it's become a family habit....


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