Monday, October 21, 2013

Outdoor Walking Meditation

Stop Everything.
Go outside for a 
slow, silent walk.
Preferable in a 
Place with trees.
The Point?
To allow
incessant worries to
Dissolve.  To have
A Peaceful Mind.
An Empty Brain.
You have to be
an idiot not to
want an empty 
Brain.  It allows so 
many good thought
and Ideas to ARISE.
Is it Possible? Yes, But it won’t last.
So Do it OFTEN. What will you see?
Spectacular hats.  Resigned looking dogs.
Broken chairs.  Broken hearts.  Moss.
Hairdos. Flowers. Courage.
Lovers. And of course,
YOURSELF, pleased to be
in this World. For
a bit, anyway.

-Maira Kalman