Monday, April 15, 2013

Jewish Mother Computer Guilt

Blogger has a fabulous way of letting one know that one is remiss in posting to one's blog....

I had to verify my account.

I have this stereotypical Jewish mother voice rattling around inside my head "What? You can't find 10 minutes to tell me what's going on in your life?  I mean so little to you that you can't be bothered to write a little post?"

Okay, Okay...

It's been a crazy 6 weeks or so.  When I dubbed this year "Just Wing It"-- I had no idea I would be speaking that phrase aloud several times a week....

So what's been going on in my life?  Well, I made the "big move" (well, as big a move as one can make when one packs a smartCar) to Louisiana in January.   I call it "the big move" because I moved the desktop Mac and my wardrobe.  I also changed the addresses on my few print magazines.

Yes, this is how I declare my official residence...where the clothes and computer are.

"What are you doing in Louisiana?" is the question I am asked frequently.  Well, I stay busy--rather busy, to put it mildly.  I hit the gym nearly every morning for weights and/or swimming.  I had forgotten how much I love lap swimming- it is so much akin to meditation. The constant regular breathing, the weightless feeling in the water, the back and forth motion....

I can be found at The Needlepoint Shoppe (or Hanging By A Thread as the new name will be) for a few hours most days.  I love the inspiration of the store- and the warmth of friendship that inhabits the space since Stacy bought the shop almost a year ago.

Then there's the high school girlfriends who have morphed into the Wino Wednesday bunch.  What's not to like about wine and girlfriends (old and new) getting together at least once a week?

My mother has included me in just about everything she goes to--and anyone who knows my mom knows she is a dynamo of motion.  We've been to symphony concerts, operas, lectures, dinners, meetings, recitals.....a little bit of everything.

Oh, and then there was that 21-day cruise through the Amazon.....did I mention that?

So, yes, I have lots to tell...lots.

Did I mention that "THE WEDDING" is fast approaching?

Oh, yes, that little event...

And a college graduation....

And a debutante season for Alix....

And a cruise or two (TWO?)

Lots of things to document here in the cyberpages of Maison Cou Rouge.

So, Google and Blogger...remember who I am.
I don't need the guilt.

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