Monday, January 21, 2013

The 2012 Holiday Season Begins

Well, things here in Hooterville on Red  Shreveport have calmed down a bit and I have a splitsecond to play catchup and post memories of the last month of that ass-kicking year  2012.

(If you haven't noticed, Blogger has upgraded and allowed overstriking...which makes me happier than a clam in clean water.)

So, for a moment of pure cuteness, let me introduce you to John and Susanne's latest addition to their canine family----ZOE.

She's a TINY Yorkie-Poo...and just about a cute a moppet as you could find.

She was just 100% fluff and adorableness on Thanksgiving out at the Hog Shack.

It was warm enough for the turtles in the beaver pond to be sunning themselves.

I find it hilarious that the first thing the kids did on returning to Maison Cou Rouge for Thanksgiving...

... was to rearrange my den furniture--to make it more conducive to gameplaying on the Xbox.

Reason #2,435,879 why I've never hired an interior decorator.

We had our Thanksgiving feast on Friday--it's just too difficult to merge various in-and-out laws, so I simply defer until the day much less stress.  AJ did most of the prep work.

And Caro came over and promptly fell asleep....well, that's the official story line.  One of the unspoken house rules is never be the first to pass out   fall asleep....This is why.

Evil Wesley.  And you all thought he was so sweet and kind.......

Susanne and John brought little Miss Zoe over to meet Miss Molly.

For once, Molly was the "big dog"--and she didn't really know what to do with someone smaller.  It was hilarious how they barked and chased each other--Zoe ducking for cover and clambering for rescue.

Meanwhile, Alix worked on Chemistry.

And I picked up "the big camera" for the first time in a while.

Just a lovely, relaxing weekend.


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