Monday, January 21, 2013

Meanwhile...back in December

So Thanksgiving is over, and we have things to remember about December....

John got his Christmas present early...a propane griddle for the Hog Shack.

It is so cool.  He now has just about everything he needs to open up a restaurant--Susanne says he needs to go spend some mornings at Waffle House to see how the short-order cooks operate.

The leaves finally turned.

Even though the beavers have dammed up the stream, and the lake is now a pond and slowly filling in, the view at Susanne and John's house is serene...

For those of you interested, this is the Hog Shack.

Yes, I got up early enough to drive out for breakfast...

And old Mister Turtle seems to want a pancake, too.

Once the "Little Pair" finished the semester, we went to Augusta.  They actually accompanied me to get the results of my latest breast biopsy. (Oh, we're not going into full-detail reporting--it wasn't as bad as the last biopsy, and everything was fine.)  Is there anything more fun than doodling on the table at Macaroni Grill?

And we finally put up the tree.

(yes, Jan-Olav, we made a video of decorating, and I will assemble that sometime soon....)

The "Big Pair" brought company for Molly.  They were dog sitting for their friends, and Bear, the sweetest golden retriever you will ever meet, joined us for Christmas.

They do make quite a lapful on the sofa however.  And other places.

Yes, I've been thinking that some company here might be nice...but this is not what I meant.

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