Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas 2012

It's Christmas Eve.  The house is quiet, and it's midnight.  While my back is turned, Santa visits.

But we have to wait until morning.

We made it until 8:30am!!!

The Little Pair were up and at their stockings first.

And they gave me the loveliest, most delicate bracelet.  Very me!

(I understand that someone on the other side of the pond did some advising on this did well!)

Then the Big Pair came over in their jammies after having breakfast with her grandparents, and we had Round 2!

They gave me the coolest lens for my iPhone...


Sweet present of the day award went to Anna-Grace....

Santa left stockings for Molly and Bear.

(Please note how well-behaved Bear is.......)

Great engagement pic.

Molly was caught helping AJ play his new video game, Black Ops 2.

Oh, yes, there was some of this....

(That's Anna-Grace's photo.... I love her "eye")

Bear and Molly played LOTS of tug.

And we spent the rest of the afternoon chilling.

We didn't have a traditional feast on Christmas--the various in-laws did that, and we waited to have ours on Boxing Day.  It shows you how slack I've become...I didn't take any photos!!!

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Jan-Olav Storli said...

Seeing your entries, I KNOW I want to continue on my blog too.

If you would stop, I would probably too.