Monday, October 21, 2013

Outdoor Walking Meditation

Stop Everything.
Go outside for a 
slow, silent walk.
Preferable in a 
Place with trees.
The Point?
To allow
incessant worries to
Dissolve.  To have
A Peaceful Mind.
An Empty Brain.
You have to be
an idiot not to
want an empty 
Brain.  It allows so 
many good thought
and Ideas to ARISE.
Is it Possible? Yes, But it won’t last.
So Do it OFTEN. What will you see?
Spectacular hats.  Resigned looking dogs.
Broken chairs.  Broken hearts.  Moss.
Hairdos. Flowers. Courage.
Lovers. And of course,
YOURSELF, pleased to be
in this World. For
a bit, anyway.

-Maira Kalman

Monday, September 30, 2013

AJ and Anna-Grace's Wedding

I promised photos of the wedding (yes, it was May 18, 2013!)  and I have finally gotten around to it....


Relaxing before the ceremony

With Maid-of-Honor, Paige

I love how my brothers are so social media savvy.

Handsome son and Groom!

Four Girls and a Guy...

Three Generations!

I love this!!!

Really proud of my boy!

Us all single for the last time!!!


My babies!

Beautiful Bride

Anna-Grace and her father

Wonderful Ceremony

Done and Dusted!!

The Happy Couple

What's next?

Just Married

Could they be any happier?


With Proud Godfather, the original AJ--aka Andy K


Jane and her Kids and some of her Grandkids.

Formal Family Photo

Traditional Thumbs Up Photo

Waiting for the Party


First Dance

Bride and Father Dance

Groom and Mother Dance

I love this one of AJ and me

What a Wonderful World!

It was so wonderful of Andy, Suzanne and Bill to come from California to celebrate!!!

Bride's Cake

Bride and the Mother of the Bride!

Garter Time

Leaving by Sparklers!

Dairy Lane Hamburgers for favors

A perfect evening

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pick Your Wolf

A very special friend told me this story last night.  I had never heard it before...but I want to remember it always. Every day.  Short and simple, but profound, as so many small tales like this are.  Enjoy it, and take it into your heart.

A group of Cherokee children were gathered around their grandfather, the wise old Chief. They begged him for a story, and so he told them about the black wolf and the white wolf.

"We all have two wolves inside us, you see. They live in our chest. These two wolves are constantly fighting each other.”

The childrens’ eyes grew as big and bright as the moon.

“In our chests too, grandfather?” asked one grandchild.

“And in your chest too?” asked a second.

Grandfather nodded, “Yes, in my chest too”.

He continued, “There is a white wolf and a black wolf. The black wolf is filled with fear, anger, envy, jealousy, greed, and arrogance. The white wolf is filled with peace, love, hope, courage, humility, compassion, and faith. They battle constantly.”

Then he stopped. The first grandchild quietly asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one that we feed.”

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Introverts, Unite!!!

Thanks to my dear friend Jenifer Hill for sharing this wonderful list.

If you don't know me well, this explains so much!!!!!

27 Problems only Introverts Will Understand

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Knitting Funnies

I'm back from Norway and Belgium--with lots to tell....but for now...

18 Important Life Lessons Learned From Knitting


Friday, June 21, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner Slideshow

I thought I would post the  slideshow I made for the Rehearsal Dinner...It was really fun to put together- I had a blast!

And I used my newly-learned skills from my latest Crystal Cruise's trip- when I took their iMovie course!


Wedding Weekend

Just two weeks after AJ graduated from Georgia Tech, he and Anna-Grace got married.

All those months of planning, which seemed like an eternity away at the beginning of their engagement in April 2012, snuck up and clubbed us with its swift arrival and departure.  I never remember time flying so fast.

My family started arriving on Thursday. Mama Jane flew in from Louisiana.  Ed and Austin drove in from Louisiana.  The rest of the Ed Hornes couldn't come--Emerson was in the middle of eighth grade exams.  And cousins Bill, Suzanne and Andy came from San Diego- what a treat!!!

Friday was a blur as I prepared for "my" do--the rehearsal dinner.  First we had the bridesmaid's luncheon--

With lots and lots of pretty girls...

Anna-Grace with her mom Sharon and grandmother Audrey. Lots of lovely ladies- both body and soul.

And, of course, there's our lot...

There were a few hiccups along the path that afternoon--but we got through them just fine.  With help from my EXPERT rehearsal dinner coordinator, Shana Faulkner,  I didn't have a thing to worry about.  And Susanne and John's house was the PERFECT setting.  (Sharon's brother was in charge of the photos, and I will get them when I post them...I swear I hardly remember anything, except everyone says they had a great time!)

And so, the big day arrived.....

Peace and Quiet

As I said, the month of May was the busiest month of my 52 years of life.

This is the only peaceful moment.

It is also the only photo I have of the rehearsal dinner.  More on that next.

AJ's Georgia Tech Graduation

I'm so proud of AJ for so many, many reasons...but this was a special day.

AJ managed to "get out" of Georgia Tech in 4 years (something of a feat in itself!) by going to school year 'round and missing out on most of the summer family cruises.  His hard work paid off with winning the H. Fukuyo Memorial Scholarship Award.  It goes to the graduating physics student having the highest average in the department.

So on May 4 (a rainy Saturday afternoon) we gathered at the graduation ceremony to watch half of Georgia Institute of Technology's graduating class receive their diplomas.  The class was divided into morning and afternoon ceremonies to save us having to sit through all the graduates!  Hooray!!

Mascot Buzz entertained the crowd before the ceremony.


The Schools processed into the arena.

The School of Science was the first group to be seated!

He had gold and white honor braids- meaning that he was graduating with "Highest Honors"-the English equivalent of "Summa Cum Laude".

Some of the graduates were quite clever with their mortarboards.  Electrical Engineers seems especially creative.

It was quite a crowd.

Now before we get to AJ, a little explanation on Buzz, the Georgia Tech mascot.  Obviously, there are several "Buzzes", as a mascot appears at every athletic event, and most social events.  But the student identity of Buzz is a closely held secret- like a super secret society.  Only at the graduation ceremony is it revealed that the student was Buzz.  And it is revealed by being escorted across the stage by another Buzz..... AJ's class half had TWO Buzzes graduate. The first one was carried across the stage...

And the second was ridden jockey-style across the stage.

Finally, it's AJ's turn.  ( Indulge a very proud mama here....)
Waiting at the bottom of the steps ...

Appearing on the jumbotron...

Having his photo snapped by the professional photographer...

And heading back to his seat.

Tassels were moved and AJ became an Alumnus of Georgia Tech.


 Afterward, two very excited ladies had their photo taken with the grad!

It was a very proud day for me.  Now it's onto UCLA and an astrophysics PhD!!!