Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Miss Me Much?

Well......Have you?

You noticed I've been away, hmmm???

(Oh, just LIE if you didn't. Humor me.)

Why, YES...I have been away. With CruiseGran and the cousins on leg 3 of Crystal Cruises' 2012 World Cruise.

Or more specifically....

But now, I am back in Middle-Of-Nowhere, Georgia...unpacked and clean, with about 2500 photos to share.

It was amazing, it was daunting, it was humbling.

It involved a lot of sweating, alot of treking, and alot of floating villages.

A few pythons, some dim sum, and 4 massages in 3 days.

Oh, admit it, you are intrigued!!!

Stay tuned!