Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 SFC- Pamukkale

Before I continue playing catch-up with November (and I will tease you by saying it involves a trip to New York and a trip to the Emergency Room), I want to return to our Summer Family Cruise and tell you about visiting Pamukkale, Turkey.

I was super-excited when we got our travel itinerary and saw we would visit the beautiful hot springs and travertines in southwestern Turkey.  They are one of the "big" sites for photographers everywhere, and they were spectacular.

To get there, we drove three hours in our family bus.  Julia brought her friends along, and of COURSE they were properly seat belted.

Plenty of room to stretch out.

Along the way, Ozgur picked up some beautiful strawberries from a roadside vendor.

Wow- they were AMAZING--so sweet, so ripe.  They were tiny- nothing like the monster berries we get in the States, but bright red all the way through and SO delicious.

On the way to the springs, Ozgur pointed out a town with some rather strange roof adornments.

Seems that the bottles signify that the family has an eligible daughter in residence.  Do I remember him saying that a potential fiancĂ© has to shoot the bottle? I can't remember.

A mix of old traditions and new technology.

We arrived at the foot of the travertine springs and had a wonderful al fresco lunch right next to one of the outdoor thermal pools at the Richmond Pamukkale Thermal Hotel.

It seemed like a scene out of a movie.  A table had been set for us under the shade of the trees, a light breeze fluttering and cooling us.

A wonderful cold first course, with lots of wine, naturally!

There was no one around but the family and our waitstaff.  We felt like royalty!

Fresh cherries and watermelon for dessert.

Well fed, we were ready to tackle the mountain up to the springs!

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