Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 SFC Pamukkale Springs

It's a pretty spectacular view.

And it looks like  the world has been flash-frozen by an alien.

How in the heck did these cotton-candy like rock surfaces come to be?

Well, it's calcium carbonate.

There are seventeen hot springs in the area, ranging from just under 100f to just over 200f.  This water is supersaturated with calcium carbonate and calcium dioxide.  When the water reaches the surface, the carbon dioxide bubbles off, and the jelly-like carbonate is deposited until the carbon dioxide balances with the carbon dioxide in the air (thanks, Wikipedia!)

The results are SPECTACULAR!

Toes in!  It's WARM!

Not slippery at all!

It's AWFULLY bright, though, with all that white bouncing light everywhere!

Attack of the giant cauliflower monster?

Alix in a water channel.

Pretty amazing!!

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