Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 SFC- The House of the Virgin Mary

It was our last day in Turkey.  But what a day it was!!

Our first stop as we headed back toward the city of Izmir and the flight back to Istanbul was the House of the Virgin Mary.

Did the mother of Jesus live here in her last years?  There is no actual proof, but it is said that St. John brought her to Mount Koressos near Ephesus.  Popes have visited, and that's good enough for me.

Julia's bunny was appropriately dressed.

Outside the Virgin Mary's house.

It is in a grove of trees- a peaceful and secluded spot.

This spring, that runs under the room believed to be the Blessed Mother's bedchamber, reportedly has healing powers. Yes, I had a sip----

The faithful used to tie prayers and intentions to the branches of trees.  The limbs became so heavy, the trees were in danger of dying.  So a grid was set up, and pilgrims can tie their prayers and praise into the wires of the grid.

This gave me a giggle....and another small proof that God has a sense of humor...or at least allows it in even holy places..........

In more ways than one....at the bazaar on the grounds of the Blessed Virgin Mary's house......

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