Monday, October 22, 2012

October So Far

It has been a busy month- although it seems I have precious little to show for it.  I have a camera with me at all times but I never remember to take it out, for some reason....but I have a few things to share...

While in Shreveport at the first of the month, I was able to visit with my childhood friend Carol Ann and her daughters.

It was fun to catch up.  When I last saw Melissa and Sarah, they were little is witnessed from this photo from Leesburg, Virginia taken in 1988.

Yes, that's little Melissa.  Changed a bit.....(haven't we all....)

I helped CruiseGran in the annual arranging of the bittersweet.

And we went down to the Red River Revel.  My mom has a favorite glass artist jewelry designer, and she tries to visit them each year.


I love looking at all the artists' booths.

I seem to find tons of inspiration- for what, precisely, I don't know....but inspiration, nonetheless.

I wonder what a donkey tail is?


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