Monday, October 22, 2012

Atlanta Food Trucks

As I headed back to Georgia, I needed to swing by Atlanta to pick up my granddog, Molly.  The big pair were off to Florida with AJ's fraternity to do a little work with Habitat for Humanity over fall break.  Ok, they also had a little beach time, which I feel AJ was more than entitled to, having just sat the Physics GRE exam for grad school.

So, while I stopped to pick up Miss Molly, we decided to try dinner at the Atlanta Food Truck Park.  If you are a foodie, you already know that food trucks are the rage right now.  Atlanta has a central location where you can sample an ever-changing assortment of yummies.

Making a choice is difficult.


We nabbed a table....

This was divine...

It's french fries, crispy pork belly, onions, jalapenos, crackin's, and cheese.  WOW.

What a logo.

Look at that foodie face!

Happy Campers.

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