Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 SFC Breakfast with Friends

Of all the sights aboard a Crystal ship, this is the one I hate to see.

This means the "welcome aboard" flags are being hoisted.  Which means I have to debark.  As in get off the ship.  As in leave.

(One day I vow I am going to sail on back-to-back segments so I can actually enjoy a debarkation/embarkation day).

I have tears in my eyes, but the crew is always smiling.

 Some of the Lido guys.  If there is a greater, more hard-working bunch of guys in whole world, I'd like you to show them to me.

Mary Cecile and Julia had breakfast with their beloved Lauren.

JuJu, in fact, decided to BECOME Lauren, and kidnapped her name badge.

Great friends.

Another beloved friend, Harry- the  ice cream guy!!!

Wait, JuJu--you can't be TWO people at the same time!!!

Sweet precious Benjamin.

Hotel Director Christian Krempl (what a cutie!!) was probably very confused as to why I was in tears.  He doesn't know yet that I cry  EVERY TIME I have to leave!!!!

All too soon (one of Crystal's favorite phrases in their tour excursions book....) it was time to walk down the gangplank for the last time on THIS trip.

But stay tuned....we still have four more days in Turkey!!!!

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