Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 SFC- Istanbul

Ok, so they threw us off the ship had us debark Crystal Serenity. Curses, foiled again.

But we still had a great day in Istanbul ahead of us.

Well, after we got the luggage sorted. We didn't need all our luggage with us for our inland excursion for the next few days, so we took the majority of it to the airport hotel where we would be staying before flying back to the States.

 I usually get the task of handling this, but this time Buzz and Ed took the task.  I was happy to see them loaded up in two taxis--glad for once it wasn't ME!!!

In my best Sarah Palin imitation...

"I can see Asia from my barstool."

Mary Cecile was her regular pretty self.

And Hutch was fascinated by the patio's water feature.

Julia has some amazing talents.

One needs to know how to do these things.  She will be a hit at cocktail parties when she is older.

We visited the Spice Market and the Cistern, then stopped for some street food.

And...well.....some of this.

Throughout the long day, some wires got crossed at the Ritz Carlton  and housekeeping thought that Buzz and Mary Cecile were a honeymoon couple, not father and daughter sharing a room.  Much hilarity ensued when we found that the room had been appropriately decorated.

Rose petals and heart-shaped balloons covered all available surfaces.

It's just one of those typical things that happen to us when we travel together.

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