Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 SFC- Back to Odessa

Remember how long ago, I was telling you about my summer family cruise?  Yeah, that one, back over the summer.....well, here we go back to Odessa.

After that amazing morning at The Way Home, we had a "one last mandatory thing to do in Odessa"...

Climb the Potemkin Steps.

What's really cool about the stairs is the design.  From the sea, they look like one long solid set of steps, but they are actually broken down in to flights.



Mary Cecile made it first, followed closely by Alix.  Buzz and Ashley were next, and I, of course, brought up the rear.

From the top of the stairs, the stairs look like simple landings.

Cool optical illusion.

We were glad to make it to the top!

The Duc de Richelieu, who was instrumental in Odessa's early growth, now watches over the harbor from the top of the stairs (or at least his statue does!)

And there is always a statue of Catherine the Great to be found.

Loved the name of this high-priced boutique.

(as a side note, I wonder who shops in these stores?  The prices along the harbor area rival Monte Carlo and New York)!

Even the pigeons are fancy in this area!

After all that climbing, a refreshment was in order.

And we had a great view of what we had climbed!

That evening, the young artists performed for us again.

Sean Plumb.

Brian Kim.

Charlie Anderson and Laure Dougy.

Alix had a great time talking to them!!!!

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Jan-Olav Storli said...

Fantastic look back at Odessa and the ship off course... we walked the same paths.