Monday, September 10, 2012

Georgia Tech goes Google

One of the more unusual sightings when we moved Alix into her Freshman dorm at Georgia Tech was this.

Google University?  Google Institute of Technology?

Nope.  Just a little bit of Hollywood. Parts of the new Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughan movie "The Internship" were filmed around the Tech campus.  Most of my photos are --you guessed it-- on the OTHER computer, but here's a taste of the google-fication of the campus.

CULC (Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons) turned into Google.

Movie set, not institute of higher learning.

Google Bikes and Umbrellas.

The movie's premise sounds funny.  Two 40-something guys lose their jobs and become interns at Google, where their bosses are in their 20's.

Hope it comes out soon.  Maybe I can get some tips on what to do with MY life......

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