Monday, September 10, 2012

Alix to Tech

Remember me?

Yes, I have been a bit busy here at Maison Cou Rouge West--better known as Shreveport, Louisiana.  I've been running errands, sorting my stuff at my mom's house, seeing old friends, and generally starting to get acclimated to being back here on a (?permanent?) basis after 33 years.  I will admit to being incredibly conflicted and confused, but that post is for another day.  Right now, I want to share some photos of moving Alix into Georgia Tech almost a MONTH ago!!

I have a ton of photos from a late night walk around Tech campus with AJ, Anna Grace and Molly...but they are on the desktop computer in Georgia--and no, I didn't think to load all those to Dropbox before I that will have to wait until next week.  But here's a quick look around Georgia Tech on move-in day.

A main part of the Tech campus goes simply by the name "Klaus"--

There's a really cool pedestrian bridge that has binary code decorating it...yep, it's on the other set of photos.....

Just a little walk up ALL THOSE STAIRS...

We went to brunch a little early, so we stopped off for a coffee and a technology moment.

Alix moved in a day early, and so we got everything sorted before her roommate Casey arrived from Washington, DC.

Most of the freshmen live directly across from the football stadium, which is incredibly convenient.

Not to worry...  it's just the power plant (I assume)...

The view across the commons from Freshman Hill.

There were orientation groups playing "getting to know you" games.  Tech's final orientation period is reserved for new international students (Tech's student body is 20% international). And they seem to be having QUITE an introduction to Tech.

Turning around, to see from whence I have trekked.

There will, of course be more, later...but that's a little taste of Tech for now!

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