Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 Summer Family Cruise--We're BACK!!!

Yes, we are!!!  We are back from the Summer Family Cruise of 2012.  And it was fun, fun, only my crazy family can make it.

Please note, my dear reader, that I am posting this in record time. (Now, this may not continue, but I still want heaps of praise lauded my way).  I don't think I've EVER blogged about about a trip in less than 4 days after arriving start tossing those laurel crowns toward me.

And laurel crowns are appropriate, as we have visited the site of the original Olympics. We also visited the ancient city of Ephesus, splashed in hot springs, gondola'd in Venice, and have experienced what SOME would say is the FIRST wonder of the world--the city of Odessa, Ukraine (it's an inside joke I will explain later).

We have been ultimately wined and dined by the wonderful crew of the most glorious cruise line on the seven seas--Crystal Cruises.  (Oh, if I could only figure out how to wrangle a part-time teaching/escorting  job on life would be truly less traumatic!)

So enjoy the look back with me over the past three weeks of fun in the sun with the fam!!!!

Our itinerary......

We gathered together, as usual, in the Sky Club of the Atlanta airport's new International terminal.  Alix and I were the designated "different flight" family members, and we had a non-stop flight to Venice an hour before the rest of the family.

We commandeered an area near the bar (no surprise) and proceeded to spread out for a few hours.

Mary Cecile )complete with newly-pierced ears!!!) was engrossed in her iPad.

While Ashley and Julia sorted through something on another one.

CruiseGran made a last stateside call.....

While Austin and his dad chose to work where electricity was nearby.

( I really think the moved because of all the estrogen floating around.....)

Alix was already thick into a good book--FINALLY not having the obligation of high school summer reading to slog through.

One last chance to update for free...

Then it was time for Alix and me to say "see ya' in Venice"!!!!!

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