Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 SFC-- Venice Evening

I promise the rest of the posts about our summer family cruise won't be as detailed as this one  day in Venice.  But we had so much fun, I really want to be able to remember bear with me.

After I dragged  them bodily took everyone by the Ferrari store, we wandered a bit before reassembling at 5pm for- what else- wine on the Hotel Bauer's patio overlooking the Grand Canal. (Boy does that sound la-de-dah or what???)

Monday evening rush hour- Venice style.

Pigeons still eyeing us warily.

The architectural details always catch my eye.

I guess I reflect on the time it took to carve pieces like this.... in our fast-paced modern lives, we don't really take the time to add touches of beauty on everyday objects like bridges, do we?

I think about the carver.  I think about his inspiration.  Whose face does this represent?  A son?  A brother?  A friend?  Himself?

Well, enough of that.  On to dinner.  Ah, the looks we sometimes received when saying  "tredici" to the maitre d'.  But Ristorante  al Giglio had room for the thirteen of us.  

Perfect summer evening weather for dinner al fresco.

Is anyone paying attention to Julie?


Jet lag may be getting to Julia again.

My dinner of mixed seafood fra diavolo was...simply amazing.

A beautiful evening of a beautiful day.

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