Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2012 SFC-- Mykonos, Greece

Ok....I will state up front that I fell in love with Mykonos.  Hard.

Yes, there is appalling lack of green.  No trees.  Rocks.  Dry grass and dirt.  But it is BEAUTIFUL nontheless.

Maybe it was the ouzo.

White and blue and sunshine.  My favorite.

We tendered in.  Crystal Serenity looks so lovely out there in the deeper water.

See why I lost my heart?

The water is AMAZINGLY clear.

We met our guide Claudio at the harbor and he walked us through the harbortown area, where we met the local mascot, Petros the pelican.

He had just had a morning swim and looked a bit bedraggled... we'll see him later after sunning a bit.

Julie turned over camera duties to Emerson.

I fell in love with an island.

Obligatory toes-in-the-water shot...this one in the Aegean.

We stopped for a while at the Thalassa Restaurant of the Aphrodite Beach Hotel on Kalafatis Beach.

Alix with the Mounds of Aphrodite in the background.

Ok...forced shot of the photographer struggling to maintain her balance.

What a pair of Aphrodites!

Then it was off to visit the Monastery of Panayia Tourliani.

This charming church is named for the patron saint  of Mykonos.

I lit candles.

Then it was onto the taverna next door for some nibbles.

And this.

I discovered that no one in my family likes ouzo. Um....that is, except me.

There is nuthin' like 5 shots of ouzo at 10:30 in the morning, I always say.

Ever-shy JuJu stole Alix's sunglasses.

Always ready for a photo-op.

As is Hutch.

Fishing boats have the oddest decorations?

One of the harbor areas as we walked back into town.

Is it wise to walk along this after 5 ouzos?  But I was fine.

The rest of the crowd tendered back to the ship, but Alix and I wanted to have a walk around and a little shopping.

We made a few purchases and had a lovely walk through the area known as Little Venice.

We weren't set to sail until midnight, so later on, a few of us tendered back ashore for supper.

Buzz had his photo taken with a much-drier Petros.

We were happy for the opportunity to be photographed with the Greek cousin of the Louisiana state bird!

The wind was beginning to pick up.

Ashley had made a few purchases at Konstantino that afternoon, one of which, a ring, had to be resized.  So we headed there to pick up her new baubles.

(The guys always get the bill, the girls get the goodies!)

And a supper of fish fresh from the sea ended a perfect day in my new favorite beach town!

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