Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2012 SFC--the Bosphorus

"Oh, do you remember that time we were sailing through the Dardanelles and Bosphorus?"

Sounds like something out of an Agatha Christie mystery.  I mean, is this MY life?

Never in a zillion years would I have dreamt of sailing through the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea.

Could the day have been any better?

Off the stern of Deck 9, or what we call in the family "the Back Porch".

Alix just enjoyed the morning sun with the view as we sailed through the Dardanelles.

Later that evening, before French Night, we sailed through the Bosphorus, with Istanbul on either side.

On the port, Europe.  On the starboard, Asia.  Too cool for words.

Aya Sofya.

The Blue Mosque.

Grand Marnier Souffle before.

Grand Marnier Souffle after.

Too awesome!  Way too awesome.

I love my life sometimes.

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