Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 SFC--Back to the Ferrari Store

As we wandered around after lunch, of COURSE I had to take everyone  by the Ferrari store.  They begged to see it. (Ok, that's a brother Will wanted to see Schumacher's 2002 car.  The rest of the crew probably couldn't have given a rat's ass....)

So here are a few more details from the beautiful chassis that won both the F1 driver's and the F1 constructor's championship in 2002 (Gawd, I am such a geek......)

The photo in front is of the 2012 chassis.  Man, how things have changed in 10 years!

(Remember, I'm not even a Ferrari fan.... I'm a RED BULL girl...)

Up close on the front wing is some damage..

The blog will now return to normal posting.........

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