Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To Singapore

I love travelling with my mom.  I mean, I get to see some amazing places and changing experiences, in the truest sense of the word.

But my mom also has a little mistrust of airline baggage handlers.  First hand experience, let's say.  Going half-way around the world and getting onto a ship where things are definitely "old school" (read "dressing for dinner") makes one uneasy that one's luggage is actually hurtling along at a bazillion miles an hour  in the cargo hold.  Crystal Cruises takes her anxiety away with their Luggage Concierge service.  I used the service for the first time this year, and I must say that travelling for 24 hours is much nicer with only a little carry-on bag.

The luggage was waiting for us when we arrived in our beautiful room at the Ritz Carton.

The view was pretty nice.

And we could see Singapore's symbol, the MerLion, from our room.

The Ritz Carlton is known for its amazing art collection that can be enjoyed throughout the public spaces of the hotel.

On the flight, our attendant gave us some wonderful recommendations for lunch, one of which was Taste Paradise in the ION Center on Orchard Street.

You know the restaurant is great when the place is packed with locals.  We were the only occidentals there.

Out on the street, men were relaxing and playing checkers.

Mama and I hit Arab Street, and found our favorite textile shop,  Dilip Textiles.

They have the most AMAZING batik tablecloths, placemats, napkins and bed linens.  And the shop owner is too kind for words.

Arab Street is so beautiful.

We made a few more stops, then back to the hotel in time to have drinks with my Captain's Voyage online friend, Captain Bugge.

What a joy to meet an online friend in person!  We are a wonderful group--and it is a treasure to be able to meet each of my online friends!

Then it was off to visit the famous Raffles Hotel.

It's a family tradition that one MUST have a Singapore Sling at the place it was invented.  Yes, it's touristy...yes, it's overpriced...but it simply MUST be done. A little like must be done once.

Bill had never been...he was the Raffles virgin in the group...but we fixed that.

And, yes, we threw peanut shells on the floor.

It is a stunning hotel..

And you never know who you will run into...... I looked up, and said to my mom "doesn't that lady over there look JUST LIKE Cynthia (one of our New York Girls Trip organizers)????

Well, half-way around the world, it WAS.

Turns out, she and Jimmy were celebrating their anniversary with a cruise on Crystal.

It's a small, small world.

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