Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Siem Reap Evening

We arrived safely in Siem Reap and were taken straight away to our hotel--The Sokha Angkor Resort. It was up to Crystal's usual standards, of course, and we were quite content.

Suzanne and I got a little wanderlust after supper, so while Mama and Bill were ready to call it a night, she and I went out, hailed a tuktuk and went exploring the night market in search of--you guessed it- another foot massage.

It's hard for a camera to get focused when you are blazing along in a glorified motorized tricycle.

Think we found it.

Ah, the lure of air conditioning on Pub Street.

All sorts of shopping available.

And, yes...we found a foot massage.

For the princely sum of $5 for an hour.

WHAT?  A foot massage for an hour????  How the heck can someone rub your feet for a whole 60 minutes????

Trust can be done.  Easily.

Felt so wonderful, I tipped my masseuse $5.  I figured that $10 wasn't too much to spend on a foot rub.

Heck, I'm on vacation.  Go wild.

We'll be back tomorrow.

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