Monday, June 4, 2012

Senior Prom

Remember the craziness of last year's prom, when Alix and her classmates were responsible for putting on the show?  Well, this year, they got to sit back and just show up.

But not before a few photos.

Some raging silliness.

And the classic "sorority girl-frat boy" stance.

I got a cute pic of Wesley with his sister and mom....

And they were shocked that I got a photo of...

Wesley smiling.

At the Grand March (something you can do only in a school where the class sizes are 20-30), Wesley's sister Sarah snapped us.

The theme was "London Lights", and the Juniors did a great job.

But after all these years, they STILL can't get her name right...or his, for that matter.

(for those who are confused, it's Alix with an "i", and he goes by his SECOND name, Wesley, not his FIRST name, Daniel-----)

Emmaline looked STUNNING....

My pretty girl!!!!

Caro looked great, too.

At Grand March, they really do parade around for everyone to see.

It was a lovely night...and turns out that, unlike MOST proms, they had a blast and stayed until the end.

Senior year is winding down FAST!!!!

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