Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sea Days

I've said it before...."sea days" are my favorite days when cruising with Crystal Cruises.  Crystal has fascinating lecturers, talented artists teaching classes, music lessons, dance lessons...and just a whole lot of lazing around if that's what you want.

"My" art teacher, Julie Warren Conn was along for this segment.  Here's what I made THIS time.

I think "Bird" goes quite well with "Clyde" well, in fact, I may change the name to "Bonnie".

French night means Grand Marnier Souffle.

Give Bill a glass of wine and he has a story to tell.

Love the way Crystal Serenity slices through the water.

Prego's Beef Carpaccio.

Hi Rafal!

Happy boy going home in a few days!!!

Suzanne took art class with's her "Smurf"


The last sea day's art show.

"Bird" "Bonnie" all polished up.



But  NEVER  boring!!!

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