Monday, June 4, 2012

Royal Merrymakers' Dinner

On Thursday night, I gave Alix and Wesley a "bye" and Mama and I went to join the court parents and others at the Royal Merrymakers' Dinner.  First we had cocktails with the Kings.

Then the AJ took off with the other court participants (including JuJu)  to the Kings' Dinner, and the rest of us went next door to the Petroleum Club for the Merrymakers' Dinner.

Our table was right next to the band, which was GREAT!  I enjoyed watching them play all night.

After the Kings' dinner ended, everyone from there came over to us and toasts were made.

(Lots of toasting at Cotillion).

The precious heralds sang their toast.

And had such fun dancing with His Majesty's wife!

I don't know who was having more fun!

What's really cool for me is that Rex Bruce is the son of "my" king, Rex Ed!

Then home to rest for the big day!!!!

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