Monday, June 4, 2012

Parade, Part 2

Still more of my favorite photos!

Some sass ---

Nephew Hutch having fun waiting for his dad's float.

Niece Emerson looking gorgeous!

My friend Claire Morgan with my childhood friend Mary McAuliffe and her husband, Dan.  Mary and I had lost touch until last year, and it was such an amazing joy to be able to reconnect with her.  Not only was her daughter Minette in this year's court, but she has another daughter Alix's age.  So we will have lots more opportunities to visit in the coming years!

Hmmm-- I know a bunch of THESE guys.

A rare sighting of one brother.

The ushers had their own float.

Nope, no fun here.

No words to describe.  None would do it justice.

Cousin Ashley was having a blast.

And her sister, my cousin Claire, finally makes her MCR debut!



And Emerson, a treasured tiny rubber chicken.

Treasures, indeed!

My childhood friends, Lauren Florsheim (wearing this year's Lavalierre-aren't they pretty?) and Jenny Flournoy.  Had WAY too much fun with you ladies!

A cute pic of Mary and Dan.

I snapped Dan as the photographer---

capturing his crew.

And finally, the official photographer, Brian Lewis, gets photographed-- with Mary.

Why does it all have to end???  Well, one more post--two more parties!!!

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