Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My World Cruise Trip 2012

I think it's about time I got off my lard butt I get organized and share with you some photos from my trip in March with my mom and cousins.

Here was our itinerary.

My cousins, Merrill (or Bob, as some may know him....or Merrill Bob as he has jokingly been dubbed in the family) and Andi were already aboard Crystal Serenity--they enjoyed the ENTIRE world cruise!  Merrill wrote a journal of his trip, and it is wonderful...which makes me all the more embarrassed that I haven't gotten my own thought written down until NOW.

We were also joined by my cousins Suzanne and Bill...the intrepid duo with whom I laughed my way through Crystal's inland journey to Xi'an and Guilin back in 2009 .

But, now organized with my thoughts, having perused my over 2500 photos and edited 461 of them to share, here I begin telling the story of my amazing trip from Singapore to Hong Kong, via Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam!

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