Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Honors Day and Yearbook Dedication

Time now for a little maternal gloating.  If this is not your cup of tea, please feel free to move right along.

Still with me?  Ok, welcome to Brentwood Honors Day 2012--or as I like to think of it, the Alix MerryGoRound.

Honors Day is the first official ceremony of graduation.  It's also the first time the seniors publicly wear their caps and gowns.

They marched in single file to "Land of Hope and Glory" (you, know.. the DA-dum-da-dum-DA-Daaaaaa, DA-dum-da-dum-DA).

And after Invocations and a speech, the honors are awarded.  This is where the merry-go-round started for Alix went around, and around and around the stage.

Highest average in British Literature.

Highest average in Physics.

Highest average in Government and Economics.

Highest average in Advanced Placement Calculus.

Highest average in Psychology.

Highest average in Advanced Placement English.

Yep, she "ran the table" as they say in billiards.  Highest average in every subject.

Then we went on to scholarships.

She was awarded the Georgia Tech alumni scholarship.

The Guild of Washington County scholarship.

And the Georgia Mining Foundation scholarship.

But wait...there's MORE!!!

She was an Honor Graduate.

And to top it all off, was named Salutatorian of Brentwood's Class of 2012.

Looks pretty good in all that gold, doesn't she?

Sarah and Alix were all smiles afterward.

As was Courtney.

Arvind sank down to Alix's level for a photo.

Katrina and Alix were ready to get outta there!!

Taylar, Daniel and Caroline were all smiles.

As was Cassie.

Time for the shoes to come off.

Hard work pays off.

After lunch, it was time for yearbook dedication.

After an amazing slideshow presentation and the dedication of the yearbook to the seniors' beloved teacher, Virginia McAfee, it was time to take a look at the Aquila for 2012.

Not too much longer now, Class of 2012.

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