Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ha Long Bay

Time for a junk cruise!!!!

That doesn't come out right, does it?

Instead of making the 3-hour each way trip into Hanoi (frankly, we had had enough overland trips for one cruise) we decided to say closer to the ship and try a cruise aboard a traditional Chinese-style junk through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay.

Even though it was overcast, and the renowned sparkling water wasn't, it was still beautiful.

It was rather chilly, and the interior of the junk was warm and cozy.

An adorable fruit seller helping mom.

A bit different water village than we saw a few days earlier.... a bit more upscale.

Anyone need a floating ATM?

The bay is lined with beautiful caves to be explored.

Crystal cruisers filled many junks...and Lianne got a photo of me photographing her.

All good fun.

Look!  I have a junk!!

Yes, she DOES!!!

These amazing islands have been carved over the centuries.  Many have names.
These are called the Fighting Cocks.

And it was terribly reassuring to know that our girl Serenity was not too far away.

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