Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I was warned back in August of 2011 that my youngest child's senior year in high school would be the fastest year of my life.  And it was.  Suddenly, it was the end of May, and Graduation Day!!!

Diplomas waiting.

Faculty and class ready to go.

Head of School, Jackie Holton.

Two of Alix's favorite teachers, Mrs. Upton and Dr. Emmons.

Valedictorian Morgan Cook ready to lead the class to their seats.

One Happy Girl.

As Salutatorian, Alix gave the Invocation.  It was beautiful.....very moving, and very Alix.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Cliff Sheppard, pronounces the class as  graduates.

My thanks to Wesley for taking control of my camera!!!!!

In my never-to-be-humble opinion, Alan and I did a good job!

Always a few tears.

My girls.

Couldn't be more proud of Alix.

What an awesome godfather Bruce has been to BOTH my kids!

Got my camera back to take a photo of the happy couple.

In the now-famous "frat boy-sorority girl" pose.

Alix's graduation makes Dustin a SENIOR!!!!!

Anna-Grace and her beautiful mother, Sharon.

Next big event--WEDDING!!


And a special present from Wesley's brother Will.

Yes, Alix Pryor....your mother loves you VERY much and is SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!

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