Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good Morning, Vietnam!!!

(I've been planning that blog post title ever since Mama and the cousins decided on this leg of the World Cruise!!!)

Saigon Ho Chi Minh City on a Monday morning.

Nope, not even rush hour.  This is EVERY hour.

Why does this pedestrian (and the oncoming traffic)  make me think of  Frogger?

Our morning excursion hit all the usual sights, but I found the wholesale market most interesting.

Another precious face!

Some of these are coming to a convenience store near YOU!

Foodstuffs always intrigue me.

Also fascinating was our visit to Chinatown's (yes, HCMC has a Chinatown!!!) Thien Hau Temple.   She is the Goddess protector of sailors.

Petitioners write prayer requests on these brilliant pink slips of paper, and they adorn the walls of the temple.

Incense in stands can burn for days.

Incense hanging above can burn for WEEKS.

We also saw a quite clever water puppet show...uniquely Vietnamese.

That evening, our beloved "Big Bro" (real name Branislav--he's made an appearance here before)-now a head waiter- made us a batch of his famous, and quite DELICIOUS- steak tartare.

In a portion big enough for an entire family....but I ate every bite.

And, as if THAT weren't special enough, he made Bananas Foster!!

(I secretly think Branislav thought we weren't fed in Cambodia!!!)

Lemme-tell-ya...that was one mighty  fine "Welcome Home"!!!!

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