Monday, June 4, 2012

Cotillion 2012

Waaaayyy back, about a year ago, AJ was honored with an invitation to be a Gentleman of the  2012 Cotillion Court. The Cotillion Ball is a part of Shreveport's Holiday in Dixie.  We are proud to say he is the third generation in our family to be asked--CruiseGran was a Lady of the Court in the 50's, and I was the Cotillion Princess in 1981.  We had to keep it a secret until January, when the Court was announced.

So the day after Prom, I loaded up the Mariner with everyone's formal and casual clothes (I called it "the Cotillion Conestoga) and headed for Shreveport.  Up to Atlanta, then 600 miles of Interstate 20.  Thank God for Audible.

As it happens, my friend Nancy was in town, visiting her parents.  So on Monday, we had dinner at Superior Grill.  Her brother Joe joined us briefly and got his stupidly hilarious snap of us doing silly faces.

Ah, yes...I will never grow up.

Now, because "the Four" are in school or working, they couldn't travel out with me.  (Like there would have been any room for them).  So the "Little Pair"  flew in on Tuesday.

And AJ came in on Wednesday.

We were able to finally celebrate his Wine on Wednesday at Columbia Cafe.

Lovingly shortened to "Wino Wednesday" by my Shreveport Girls, on Wednesdays Columbia Cafe offers all the wine on their wine list at  half-price.  It was a BLAST.

Some of the crowd there that afternoon.

AJ listening to specials.

My darling friend, Vikki was entertaining us with stories from the tv reality show "Bayou Billionaires."  She's a geologist, but is moonlighting by being the Child Welfare Officer/teacher for the TV show when it films here.  Oh, the things she sees!

We were also celebrating my friend Jenifer's new job as General Manager of the Strand Theatre.

And Alix???  Well, Alix was just happy!!

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