Monday, June 4, 2012

Cotillion 2012- Thursday

Thursday of Cotillion Week rolled around with three of my chicks in Shreveport.  Anna-Grace, now a working girl, flew in on Friday for the weekend festivities.  As I said earlier, Alix (who was asked to be an usher at Friday night's ball) and Wesley flew in on Tuesday, and AJ flew in on Wednesday.

Thursday midday is the time for luncheons at the Shreveport Club.  The Court Chairmen of past years (CruiseGran was Cotillion Chairman for Cotillion XXXII in 1980) have their get together in one room, the Queens and Princesses have  their luncheon in another room. The Kings have the whole third floor to party, and they come down to toast both groups.

(Yes, there are lots of silver chalices that come out at Cotillion Time).

Then, our official "herder", Princess Claudia (hell, what number are you, Claudia?  If I'm XXXIII then you are...what? XXX? XXIX??) gets up and replies with a toast to the Kings.

Except Claudia has begun to SING hers in recent years (a hilarious touch, I might add--it's WONDERFUL).  This year's theme was "Bal d'Hiver", so she chose to serenade us with  her lyrics to "White Christmas"- We were in tears!!!!!!!

Then it was off to Municipal Auditorium for rehearsal.

The Cotillion Crest greets you at the entrance.

Wesley and Alix came with me to the rehearsal.  Alix was able to help wrangle the children of the court for some community service hours.

Practicing presentations with his court lady, Grayson Alexander.

Meanwhile, cousin Julia and friends desperately try to stay still.

But you can tell boredom is creeping in.

Plots are hatching.

Finally, they get to practice THEIR bit.

And, thankfully, crayons appeared.

Then it was time to run home and dress for the evening's festivities!!!!

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