Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cambodian Village Life

As I said, we visited the village of Puteung, just outside of Sihanoukville, Cambodia.  This is, at least, how our tour guide transliterated the name for us.  I have tried to find it on a map, but even Google Earth is slightly lacking in the Cambodian map department.

After we stopped by the village school and were given a wonderfully charming song by a class we guessed were in the 6-7 year old range, we went on a tour of the village.

It's my understanding that Crystal made arrangements for our visit and made a donation of some kind to the village in return.  I certainly hope so--even though we descended upon them "en masse", they had nothing but smiles of greetings toward us.

Oh the entertainment factor of taking photos with  an iPad!!!!

They didn't seem to mind some visitors' tromping through their homes.

The village was spartan and serene.

The children LOVED to hold hands with us.  We walked along, smiling at one another.  They didn't speak English, we didn't speak Khmer, but it didn't matter.  We understood.  As did they.

The temple is the center of the village.

And the novice  monks were watching the goings-on with interest.

Two monks were seated outside of --what I guess was- the town hall.  Of course everyone had a photo-op.  They also gave those of us who wished it a water blessing.  I got delightfully blessed--and well-watered!!

The school is the other main focus of the village.

Even monks have to do the washing.

The view from the main road.

I feel very privileged to have visited this tiny place on our Earth.  It was a blessing.

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