Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cambodia- Arrival

Bangkok had been thrilling and very jam-packed....but no rest for the weary, they say.

We were scarcely on the boat 16 hours, then it was off again...this time, on an overland adventure to Angkor Wat.

We arrived in port of Siahnoukville and loaded up on buses with a slight change of plans.  Instead of a four-hour bus trip to Phnom Penh and flight to Siem Reap, we would fly directly from Siahnoukville to Siem Reap.  This not only saved our backs (the road from Siahnoukville to Phnom Penh is considered the roughest and most dangerous in Cambodia), but also gave us some extra time to sightsee. It turned out to be one of the most delightful mornings of my trip.

As we travelled to our first spot, we passed the international airport, where we would be returning in a few hours.

Yes, I said "international airport".

First we went to the "New Wat" or new temple in Ream National Park.  It is mostly outdoors with lovely paths to walk up the mountain.  All along the way are shrines and images to Lord Buddha to inspire visitors.

The view from the foot of the giant Buddha was spectacular.

This gardener was pruning hedges.  Doesn't he have the most marvelous profile?


Carvings from the rocks.

Buddha guarded by a naga.

A permanent temple is being built at the sight, and I was fascinated by the scaffolding.

I asked this beautiful lady's permission to take her photo, and she gladly obliged.

And then we were off to visit a village!

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