Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bangkok River Cruise

On our second morning in Bangkok, we had a leisurely cruise on the Chao Phraya river.

There are so many temples along the river.  Somewhere in the hundreds.

Life along the river.

I would love to know what this beautiful old building looked like when it was first built.


I'm beginning to understand why Jan-Olav loves this place.

The Royal Thai Navy.

We stopped for an hour at the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun).

Lucky, our exceptional tour guide, demonstrated how a lotus blossom is folded.

Chinese Happy Buddha

A more typical Thai Buddha

Breathtaking architecture

In the breeze, the temple bells ring softly, but constantly.

Fun on the river.

We floated past the dockyards of the royal barges.

Oh, I know I shouldn't have, but couldn't resist....

Flags on docks- many people fly both the Thai flag, and His Majesty the King's flag.

Everyone seems friendly in Bangkok.

Selling all sorts of wares out of her boat....

If you look more closely, one can see evidence of the recent floods.

The high water left many marks.

I wonder how much longer this lightpole will last.

More marketing.

I can not imagine the horror of watching the river rise, and rise, and rise.

Waves everywhere.

A convenience store HERE?  (Look closely at the sign!)

Simple beauty and blessings.

All too soon, as Crystal is fond of saying, it was time to return to our ship.  I thoroughly enjoyed every second of my time in Bangkok, and I pray that I will return soon.  I also pray that, one day,  I'll be able to explore the city with a very special tour who will always call Thailand "home".

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