Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bangkok- The Grand Palace

It was a bright, almost cloudless day.  And hot.  Well, warm.  No, hot.

We could see the stupas of the Grand Palace from a distance.

Beautiful. singularly THAI architecture.

Something to delight the eye everywhere one turns.



Our guide in Bangkok was a lovely lady called by her English name, Lucky.  She was not only knowledgable, but very very funny.  She charmed us all!

The complex simply takes your breath away.

Images that last only a moment.

Keep one's eyes open for the unexpected.

Details and patterns.

A naga  guarding an entrance.

On the grounds of the palace are extensive murals of the epic story  Ramayana.

And then it was a visit to the exquisite Emerald Buddha.

It's amazing how vast this complex is.

An incredible afternoon!

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