Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Angkor Extras

Going back to the day previous...It had been a day of temple-seeing, which-of course- could never be described as enough. But we had a good taste, one that has definitely whetted my appetite for more.

There was a bit more fun to be had, though.  That evening, we had a lovely outdoor dinner and dancing show.

And Suzanne and I dragged Jane along with us for ANOTHER (well, strike while the iron is hot, I say) one hour foot massage.  I wanted a "fish pedicure" (especially from the shop called "Not Piranha"!!) but couldn't talk anyone else into it.  So another massage it way.  Oh, darn!!!

Another wild tuk tuk ride--this time with a tour of the riverbank (no, I don't know if there were any pythons on the was dark.  And before the panic attack).   Oh, how we laughed! AND he came back to fetch us home after the massage.  I do love Cambodia!!!

The next day, (after that damn snake-infested lake tour) we flew to meet the ship in Saigon  Ho Chi Minh City.  It was a Sunday, so traffic was (they said) non-existent.  My first impression of HCMC was ...MOTORBIKES.


But before I head to Saigon (there I go again) Ho Chi Minh City, a few last looks at Cambodia, a country I have grown to love (minus the pythons)  in a mere 72 hours.

The Buddhist flag marks a serene spot.

Music at lunch!

Waterlily (pink) or Lotus (white), it's still lovely.

Angkor the Magnificent.

And Magnificent.

and ME.

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