Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And Then There Was May

I can't believe May came and went as fast as it did.  We had SO much going on at Maison Cou Rouge, it's hard to find a beginning......

Well, the month started off with a darling package in the mail.

This was Anna-Grace's way of asking Alix to be a bridesmaid in her and AJ's wedding.

I swear my daughter-in-law-to-be is amazingly creative.  We are going to have so much fun with this wedding!

Then it was time for Alix's ballet recital.  Her SENIOR recital.  Her LAST recital.

It's always fun to catch a professional photographer in the act.  Say "cheese" Laura!

We LOVE McNeely Garden Studios!

The little girls LOVE being around the big girls.

I think Suzanna's ready to have her solo over.

Time for one last run-through before showtime!

While teacher Cathy Moore introduced the senior dancers, teacher Camille McDade handed out roses.

Suzanna, Alix and Katrina have danced together for 10--yes TEN- years.

Alix's senior dance was a self-choreographed piece "L'Eperatrice d'Espania"

She and Katrina had a cute tap number and three other dances.  What a way to finish!

I had a wee giggle over the Dairylane sign....

I have been dubbed "Meme" and Sharon (Anna-Grace's mom) Gigi by Molly the Beagle. (Right, she picked the names...)  I don't think that Molly arranged for the sign, but you never know........she IS one amazing dog.

Lots of things happened in the middle of May, but they deserve their own posts, so I will fast forward to the end of May with examples of Wesley's juggling ability...

And his siblings, Will and Sarah, showing that they can handle a piano.  Always impressive.

But I'm just beginning the tales of the month of May............

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