Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ancient Angkor Wat


Really, no words do justice to the most amazing religious complex that is Angkor Wat.

Photos can't even do it justice.

We were ready to go at 9am--the time appointed and agreed upon.  But, unfortunately, two of our fellow travelers decided they weren't quite ready at that hour, and it was 50 minutes before they graced us with their presence.  Yes, all the usual hoop-jumping occurred, but they just couldn't be located.  Their excuse?  "We never got a wake-up call."  Karma, is all I say....Karma.

So our time was cut a wee bit short at Angkor Wat.  Well, in actuality, I'd say that having a whole WEEK to explore just Angkor Wat would be cutting it a morning is really only a taste. A 700 photo taste, but a taste nonetheless.

I must say that it appears crowded in the photos.  But once inside, the complex is so enormous that it feels deserted.  Wonderful for photos and exploring, especially as I left our group of 22 as soon as possible and went off on my own.  Not that our guide wasn't great--he was- but I could tell that our limited time would be spent on paths with secure footing and handrails (remember I lower the median age on a Crystal tour by about a decade.....) and I wanted to climb and scramble and try to get a little bit of the FEEL of the place....

Suzanne was ready for adventure.

As was CruiseGran.

Ancient carvings.

Endless levels and terraces.

Doors everywhere.


It is a holy place, the largest religious site in the world...

I asked, and was rewarded with a wonderful photo from a kind monk.

Maybe the girl on the left will give a sense of scale....

Simply Magnificent.

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