Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 Cotillion Ball

The big night finally arrived!  I didn't get a chance to photograph AJ in his tails before he took off for pre-ball photographs, but I did get a snap of our two ushers (children of club members who are seniors in high school) .

Anna-Grace made it to Shreveport without a hitch, and looked beautiful with Wesley before the evening began.

My brothers are both members of the Royal Order of Jesters, so we were able to trot upstairs to "their" bar area....a very dangerous place to be if you like 16oz cups of wine.........I've edited out the evidence, though.........

Alix was the usher for my box (coincidentally box #13, my favorite number) which I shared with (AJ's Court Lady) Grayson's mother, my friend Minette.  It was like old home week--so many MANY friends with whom  I got the chance to catch up!

I put my camera down for the presentation (but links are at the bottom of the post), but picked it back up for the mirth that comes with the jesters arrival.

One is never supposed to know the true identities of jesters....but this one was quite familiar to me.

(you get to know a guy when you grow up with him......)

Anna-Grace and Mary Cecile managed to collect LOADS of beads!!!

Anna-Grace and AJ looked FABULOUS after the presentation- the hard part was over and the partying could begin.

If you want to see more of the fun--check out these links.....

For more photos, here's a link to the official Court Photographer, Brian Lewis'  Cotillion site

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