Sunday, February 19, 2012

2011 SFC Warnemunde

See? You get in a hurry and forget to post about two whole days!!!! So BACK to the Summer Family Cruise we go (I know you are all thrilled......beyond words.)

Warnemunde, Germany is a beautiful town on the Baltic Sea. Having lived in Germany for 3 years (a LONG time ago), you know I have a love of all things German.

Those of you who know cruiselines will recognize the ships with the lips--Aida Cruises. The line is headquartered not far away in Rostock, so there was plenty of advertising around the port area.

Pretty girls on a beautiful day!


The inner pirate in me wanted to visit Captain Bligh's...but it was too early.

We walked to the beach, which was wide and spacious. A few hearty souls were already out in the early sunshine.

Um...this jellyfish looks like trouble.

But the water was just too tempting. Cold. REALLY cold.

I mean, you HAVE to be able to say you dipped your toes into the Baltic Sea.....

The beautiful lighthouse that is part of a WONDERFUL boardwalk.

I think the teens could have stayed all day- shopping, eating, sunning, shopping, eating.....

Later that night, we had one more round of fun at Silk Road....Nobu Matsuhisa's brilliance once again at work. I sat with my nieces Emerson and Ella at our own "kids table"- we had fun!

Oh, the rock shrimp...the rock shrimp...the rock shrimp!

Emerson thought the little cookies at the end of the meal were cute.

Ella always loves her chocolate cake!

It really was a lovely day!

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