Saturday, February 18, 2012

2011 SFC To Prague

It's always a sad day when we have to get off one of the "Crystal girls" (are you sick of me saying this time and time and time again???)

The Hancocks and Will and Hutch had to hop on a plane back to the US, but the remaining eight of us hopped on a plane to the Czech Republic--namely, the beautiful (and I mean BEAUTIFUL) old city of Prague.

Prague is a charming city, and-maybe because it was communist Czechoslovakia for so long- seems to be relatively unspoiled and untouristy. We spent 4 lovely days there, exploring the city and it's nearby environs.

We were met at the airport and whisked away to the Palace Hotel. We had no plans for the day, as we had arranged a tour guide for the next day. After a bit of lunch, we struck out on foot to explore. Brother Ed was leader, and we walked all afternoon.

In one of the public squares, someone was roasting on a spit.

Even the manhole covers are decorative.

Looking out from one of the bridges...

Absolutely no idea where we are, but it looks interesting.

We made an afternoon pit-stop beer break.

In our wanderings, we happened upon the John Lennon Wall.

Of course, Alix and I added our little contributions.

Not far from the Lennon Wall, we passed the bridge where people have placed love locks.

And our wanderings took us by some more interesting sights!

David Cerny's Babies outside the Museum Kampa.

Penguins along a river lock- "Re-evolution"

Alix along the Vltava River.

Enjoying a lazy day on the river.

Lots to look at in this beautiful city!

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