Sunday, February 19, 2012

2011 SFC Tivoli

Our last full day aboard Crystal Serenity had us arrive in Copenhagen. Now, if you have kids, there is only one word that describes Copenhagen- TIVOLI!!!!

Tivoli is a wonderful arts venue, but it is also the most AMAZING amusement park.

Our group, joined by friend Chappy Wingo, linked arms, Wizard of Oz style, to go off in search of enjoyment whilst the elder bunch (oh, how I hate that terminology) went in search of

It's not a super-tarted up cutsy place like Disney or Six Flags--it's simply PRETTY.

But it has some wild rides...

Brother Ed was "cruise director" for the adults.


But we opted for something with THIS type of sign.

Much happier seeing this from a distance.


Happy Bunch.

And one wild and crazy guy!!

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