Thursday, February 9, 2012

2011 SFC Tallinn

It was our first visit to Tallinn and the country of Estonia.

Our excursion was early, but we were awake. Well, all except Julia....

She has two speeds. On and Off.

Tallinn's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is stunning.

First stop- the Tall Hermann Tower.

Beautiful day, beautiful setting. Everywhere we turned, there was something new to see.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

The spire of St. Mary's Cathedral.

We rested a bit.

Mary Cecile and Alix are all smiles, but Julia needs another cup of something, I think.

From a viewing platform we could see past St. Olaf's Church all the way down to the sea.

And another angle, toward the town hall.

Again, past St. Olaf's to Crystal Serenity in the background.


Proof we made it up the steep cobblestone hill!

In the middle of everything old, there was an enterprising Estonian in a perfect setting.

Who could resist?

We walked along medieval stone walls, still standing strong.

Absolutely CHARMING.

At times, we felt as if we had all stepped into a time machine and been transported back 700 years.

The gates of the old city were built in the 14th century. So old, I can barely comprehend it.

Then it was on to the Song Festival Amphitheatre. A rehearsal was in progress, so we could not go in, but the gates were decorated with a charming assortment of ribbons.

All too soon, as the Crystal guidebooks are wont to say, we were headed back to the ship, ready for a sailaway party.

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